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Humans as Global Citizens 


“Humans as Global Citizens” is a storytelling project that highlights the different cultures, different people, and different opinions from around the world. In an effort to promote Global Citizenship Education, this project hopes to collect, archive, and share interviewees’ stories and recollections pertaining to their daily lives, the situations around them, and their thoughts - proving that anyone, no matter age, class, or background, can be a global citizen. By shedding light onto ordinary people, we hope to discover what global citizenship means to different people and how these values shape their everyday lives.

Global citizens are attentive and responsible, and care about the people and situations around them. Global citizens begin by listening to what other people have to say, and try to make things right and better, no matter how small that change might be. Are you a global citizen?



Jong-Hun Kim   Wonjin Lim   Mokeun Yi   Yeonwoo Lee   Hyewon Park


Hahna Yoon   Hyo Jung Yoon   Ah-young Chung


Young Han Hu   Beyl Nam Yoo   Kwang-Bin Song   Nam Hun Sung   Sung-Man Lee

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